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Dr. Jivi Saran has come to realize the gap in the world of business today is the connection between the business strategy and a leader’s personal legacy of how they want to impact the world. Dr. Saran holds a PhD in Spirituality, an MBA Specializing in Leadership and is a published Author of an international best-selling book on leadership called, Permission To Be You. She is an accomplished keynote speaker on the topics including The Corporate Soul, Corporate Mindfulness, Entrepreneurship, Women in Leadership and Leadership in the 21st Century. Dr. Saran has produced and hosted a TV show called, Winds of Change with Jivi about Corporate Spirituality.

With her 30-year business career and extensive education and experience as a Senior Business Advisor across multiple industries, she has dedicated her professional life to the human aspect of business strategy. She has learned high team performance starts with the peak performance of a leader so she uses insightful business strategy, her highly developed observational skills and mental perception of thought processes for discerning the truth about an organizational team to gain powerful creativity, focus and productivity. She has an extraordinary mind for improving conditions across an organization and has developed some of the most sophisticated and powerful models of Leadership, Organizational Strategy and Mindset Improvement through her Corporate Soul program. Coined as the “CEO Whisperer” she works closely with high-level CEOs to accelerate growth and profitability in their business. Dr. Saran and her unique set of skills and offerings is changing the game for organizations around the world and is revolutionizing the way organizations view and create business strategy.

Her teaching philosophy is simple. She creates a safe and collaborative incubator learning space for students to contemplate and question the status quo, to discover the best of themselves during the process and explore what they want to bring to the world as leaders with the intention to apply what they have learned, in real business situations. 

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