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Dr. Nisa Chand teaches Organizational Behaviour at University Canada West.

She brings more than 10 years of experience in Business and Education. Dr. Chand, has an extensive educational background in the field of Business Studies. She received her PhD degree (Human Resources Management) and postgraduate diploma in Social Science Research Methods from Cardiff University, UK. She also earned a Master’s Degree in Management from Bristol University, UK. Additionally, Dr. Chand holds a Masters in Business Administration and Bachelors in Commerce degree from Shah Latif University Pakistan.

Dr. Chand lived in UK for 6 years, first as Postgraduate student and then as a PhD researcher. She was a University Ambassador at Cardiff University for 3 years where she was responsible for handling settlement issues faced by International students.

Being an international student herself, she had first-hand exposure to the problems commonly faced by international students and their specific classroom needs. As a result, Dr. Chand’s teaching methodology addresses these important issues.

Apart from regular teaching at Cardiff University, she also delivered guest lectures to postgraduate students on the topic of Management Consultancy. Dr. Chand has also taught as a full-time lecturer at Shah Latif University and taught a wide range of Business Studies subjects. At present, Dr. Chand also teaches at the University Of British Columbia (UBC) and Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Beside her teaching career, Nisa has also worked on several managerial and administrative posts within and outside of academia. Her industry experience has equipped her to understand the practical implications of HRM practices in both Pakistan and Canada.

Dr. Chand, has also undertaken consultancy assignments in UK, where she helped in developing long-term strategic management plan for small companies including Yeo Valley.

Dr. Chand is keenly interested in research and has presented her research work at various platforms including Cardiff Organisational Researcher’s Group Conferences held in various cities. She also participated in and presented a working paper on her research at ‘Translations: Exchange of ideas’ 2013: themed interdisciplinary conference. At present Nisa is working on her Journal publication ‘Organizations and their choice of technology: Issues concerning rigour and ontology’.

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