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Dr. Sandy Minnis teaches Leadership at UCW in the MBA program. She graduated with a PhD in Individual, Organizational, and Global Leadership from Gonzaga University. Other degrees include an MA in Organizational Leadership and Study Abroad in Italy, as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Servant Leadership (leadership in service to others) from Gonzaga University. Dr. Sandra also holds a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Geography (Climate Change), from Simon Fraser University.

In 2019, she presented her PhD research at five conferences on Developing Compassionate Leaders, Overcoming Hate and Injustice, Overcoming Ruthless Leadership, Compassionate Leadership in Higher Education, and Leadership Readiness for Change. Sandra is known for her contemplative work with medal-winning Olympic and elite athletes, as well as healers and community leaders. Her teaching philosophy includes facilitating lifelong learning that is ethical, uplifting, compassionate, and mindful.

Sandy enjoys helping students to develop a clear vision of their vocation and provides opportunities for students to develop and practice their core values during discussions and within their assignments. Students will develop a greater understanding of who they are as leaders and how to lead themselves while studying, looking for work, and developing a career based on their awareness and values. Dr. Sandy leads community circles and volunteers her time to Wildlife Rescue and Environmental agencies.


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