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Sylvain Charbonneau is a professional, manager and educator of communication and international business with about 20 years of experience in Montreal and Vancouver.

He holds a Master of Sciences of Communication and a Bachelor of Sciences in Communication and Psychology from the University of Montreal. He is also a Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) from the Forum for International Training (FITT), based in Ottawa.

Sylvain has experience as an adviser, manager and consultant with small, medium and large organizations in the public and private sector from various industries.

While he was a PhD candidate in 2006, Sylvain started to teach communication planning at the University of Montreal. In 2010, he moves to Cairo, Egypt, for a teaching contract in business and marketing for a private school. After his contract, he consulted in international business and since 2012 he teaches international business and marketing at various Institutions in Vancouver.

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