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Solveig McLaren was UCW’s Dean’s Award recipient in the Bachelor of Arts, Media and Communication program.

Solveig was employed with the Province of British Columbia as an executive assistant, but decided she wanted a new career. The career she chose required a degree in Media and Communications.

Solveig looked at many educational institutions throughout North America before deciding upon UCW. That she could take all her classes online was a huge factor in her decision, and it helped that UCW was a British Columbia institution and the price was right. In the fall of 2010, she began her studies with one or two classes, depending on her work and family life schedules.

Over the next five years, her writing skills improved and the courses helped her at work and in her private life. Three months before graduating, Solveig landed that dream job.

She admits that dreams don’t work unless you do, but Solveig also credits UCW with being the perfect fit for her educational needs.

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