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At 63, UCW graduand Glen Dietz is a shining example that you’re never too old to learn new scholarly ideas that challenge your intellect. If you are like Dietz—a lifelong learner, good at knowledge transference and a stellar time manager—you could also clinch a Medal for Academic Excellence.

For Dietz, maintaining a 4.0 cumulative grade point average in his online Master of Business Administration (MBA) studies at UCW was all in a day’s work, one course per term for four and a half years. 

The London, Ontario resident, who recently landed a job as an informatics technical specialist at Abbott Laboratories, was working full-time as a healthcare consultant when he started his MBA at UCW in late 2011. Fully engaged in running his own business at the time, this retired clinical laboratories administrative director longed to learn more. 

“I am committed to life-long learning, and missed the academic fulfillment that comes from learning new concepts and subject matter,” explains the avid scuba diver and Etobicoke Underwater Club (EUC) member.

“So I made a decision to enrol in an MBA program. I selected UCW because the university allowed me to complete each of my courses on-line in my own time.”

Dietz’s knack for knowledge transference even inspired him to apply what he was learning in his MBA courses to solving problems in his hobbies.

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