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Payman Rowhani is a senior software developer from Shiraz, Iran. As a member of Baha’i community, he found it very difficult to continue academic studies. Iran’s government does not allow Baha’is to enter any universities inside the country and he was also unable to enter the Baha’i university (BIHE) in Tehran due to his physical injuries caused by an accident.

"I was about to establish a software company, but I didn’t know how to do it! I had some management experiences but knew really nothing about marketing, HR, etc. One of my friends suggested me to study MBA, but after the accident that I had on my last undergraduate year, I was wondering how to do that. I can’t forget the time that I found my way to study MBA at UCW. I got so happy and registered right away!”

Payman is delighted by the quality of distant learning at UCW. He feels very grateful about this experience.

“The professors and staff at this university are a little tough, but I love the learning experience as they motivate me to encounter and overcome challenges. Although I have never seen the campus, I feel I’m studying in a real class. Books are always updated and provide us with real business cases around the world.”

"In Iran we don’t usually see people from other nations, let alone to communicate with them. These virtual classes helped me connect with friends around the world, and I found it very exciting to work with them on social/economic development projects. Now I have learnt how to do distant projects with the help of anyone in any corner of the world! I really thank UCW for providing me with such a precious opportunity.” 

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