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Master of Business Administration

The ACBSP-accredited UCW MBA degree challenges students in areas vital to business operation and administration. It develops core competencies in critical thinking, persuasive communication, system analysis, leadership, and business ethics. 

Emphasis is placed on the application of theories, teaching students case studies relating to a large variety of industries in Canada and around the world.

Practical skills gained from an MBA Degree

Did you know that you will gain a variety of marketable skills while taking your MBA courses?  Some of the skills that you will acquire include Leadership, Risk Management, Public Speaking, Project Management skills.

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How women use an MBA Degree to climb the corporate ladder

An MBA degree can help set women apart in the business world.  An MBA, whether completed on-campus or online, enables women to explore various career opportunities and extensively broadens knowledge, skills and network.

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Why get an online MBA degree?

An Online MBA program offers immense opportunities to earn a degree without putting your career or life on hold. It is flexible and practical for those with financial and family obligations.

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Careers for MBA graduates

An MBA degree can open many doors to your career.  Find out which industry is suitable for you.  

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