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UCW does not provide accommodation or accommodation booking services, but we have created an Accommodation Guide and have compiled information below to help you with your search.  

UCW does not pre-screen ads for off-campus housing, so it is your responsibility to carefully check listing or advertisements on websites. There are several accommodation options available to you. Please read through the information to decide which one best meets your needs. If you have any questions please email Student Services at services@ucanwest.ca.

Homestay Accommodation

Prefer to live with a family who will help you settle into your new life in Vancouver? Homestay will give you the opportunity to practice your English skills and learn about Canadian culture.

First Choice International Placement: https://myfci.ca/

Canada Homestay International: canadahomestaynetwork.ca

Individual Housing

Looking to find a home on your own?

Rent Hello connects renters with landlords or help individuals find roommates in Vancouver: http://www.ucanwest.renthello.com/

Vancouver Extend Stay: https://vancouverextendedstay.com

APT-Living: https://www.aptliving.ca

Dunowen Properties: www.dunowen.com/

Mainstreet owns and/or manages accommodation properties in British Columbia and Alberta: http://mainst.biz/

Shared Accommodation

Enjoy living with others? With shared accommodation you may have your own room or share a room with another person. These accommodations come furnished and many include internet and cleaning services.

Global Education City (GEC) is a shared accommodation provider specializing in student housing.

Vanmates is a shared accommodation provider specializing in student housing.

Temporary Living near UCW

The following accommodations are close to UCW and available to you as a last minute option or a short-term stay. Maximum stay is one month.  

Cambie Seymour Hostel: http://cambiehostelsdowntown.com/  
Ramada Limited Downtown Vancouver: www.ramadadowntownvancouver.com/
Mai Lodging - https://mailodging.com

If you are interested in any of the temporary accommodations, please contact Student Services at services@ucanwest.ca for details on how to make a reservation. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can the landlord increase my rent?

Rent is usually paid on the first day of each month. The landlord can only increase your rent once a year and only by a certain amount. The landlord must inform you in writing three months before the rent goes up.

2. Are utilities included in the rent, or do I have to pay for them?

Utilities are electricity (hydro), gas, or fuel oil. Some landlords include all or some of the utilities in the rent. Other landlords may not. Always ask the landlord so you are able to figure out your monthly budget.

3. How much is the security (damage) deposit?

The security deposit is typically not more than half of one month’s rent. This money is used to pay for any damage you do to the property. If there are is damage, and the apartment is clean when you move out, the landlord must return the deposit to you, plus interest, within 15 days.

4. Tenancy agreement

If you decide to rent a place, you will need to sign a tenancy agreement. As the rental market moves rather quickly, you may wish to bring a cheque with you when you look at places to rent. Make sure you get a receipt for all payments to the landlord.

5. Application deposits

Some landlords ask tenants to pay an application deposit to rent a place. This is illegal unless you have both signed a tenancy agreement first. Some people who have paid these illegal application deposits were not able to rent and did not get their money back. Refrain from renting from a landlord who wants to charge an application deposit.


The information on this page was compiled by University Canada West from websites that are maintained by third parties. For this reason the University does not take any responsibility for its accuracy, or any arrangement or agreement entered into by individuals who have referenced this page.